Who We Are

The Yusuf Youth Initiative (YYI) was set up in 2004 by a group of young enthusiasts who are driven by the desire to work for their community and improve their society. The group have undertaken a number of community projects on a local and national scale.

Meet The Team

Faisal Hussein


Faisal has been involved in youth and community work for two decades and brings a wealth of experience to YYI. Having been a part of the organisation since its inception, Faisal has a deep understanding of the needs of the organisation and is in charge of the day to day running of all the projects.

Isa Mallick

Project Manager, Youth Work

Isa started off as a volunteer and after completing his studies as a Social Worker joined the team as the Youth Development Officer. He has experience and qualifications in outdoor activities and is responsible for developing and managing of our youth programmes and activities.

Aisha AboSahmin

Project Manager, FLA

Aisha’s is the Head Teacher at the Future Leaders Academy helping to provide a valuable education and fostering a sense of community among students. Her unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and promoting cultural and religious values shines through in her tireless efforts to manage and operate this important educational institution.

Gisela Espada

Project Manager, Victoria Gardens

Gisela, originally from Argentina and now residing in Scotland since 2018, is a nature enthusiast with a passion for sustainability and gardening. As our dedicated community gardener, she shares her knowledge supporting local schools and volunteers a way to engage with nature, meet others and get active outdoors.

Jamil Choudhry

Foodbank Coordinator

Jamil efficiently manages and runs our local food bank. With a heart for helping those in need, Jamil ensures that the food bank operates smoothly, providing vital support to the community by distributing essential resources to those facing food insecurity.

Anne Singleton

Support Cafe Coordinator

Anne is a manages and operates four support cafes each week, creating safe spaces for the community to connect and receive valuable assistance over a warm meal. Her commitment to the well-being of others is evident in her tireless efforts to run these programmes, providing support and comfort to those facing challenges in the community.

Andrew Black

Support Cafe Coordinator

Andrew manages and operates our four Support Cafes each week which run across the City, providing a safe space for the community to connect, receive assistance, and enjoy a nutritional cooked meal. Additionally, he oversees our Community Fridge program on Fridays from Victoria Gardens, helping to reduce food waste by distributing surplus food to the whole community.