YYI Youth Club

We have several clubs supporting young people aged 5-16 years old. The weekly programme incorporates a variety of activities such as sports, local visits, art and crafts, and campaigns.

The youth clubs also have trips further afield as well as assisting the young people in organising their own events. This is especially empowering as they are given the opportunity to plan, execute and review the projects.
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Future Leaders Academy

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FLA is a faith based educational academy. The aim is to provide Islamic education within the context of modern day Scotland and to equip young people with the necessary knowledge of their faith. The classes are conducted within a modern classroom setting and include a youth club as well as sports sessions.

The project began in January 2013 and provides a broad and balanced education applicable to British Muslims to support children in becoming well-rounded, confident individuals with a strong and positive Islamic identity.

Taught By Muhammad

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An outreach project aimed at building an understanding between the Muslim and wider community. We work across Dundee with a particular focus on regeneration areas.

Our areas of work include youth integration, anti-poverty, community empowerment and volunteering opportunities.


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An outreach project aimed at supporting young minority ethnic people in Tayside.

The project engages with hard-to-reach young people aged 16-24 connecting them with volunteering opportunities, employment support and community activities.


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ENGAGE is about supporting Muslim adults into sport, workshops, educational classes, volunteering, benefits advice/support and courses.


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A social enterprise project focusing on the use, repair and enjoyment of bikes.